Vol 7, No 1 (2008)

Table of Contents


Lessons in hope PDF
Gary L Dunbar E1


SWIMMY : Free Software for Teaching Neurophysiology of Neuronal Circuits PDF
William Grisham, Natalie A Schottler, Franklin B Krasne A1-A8
The Digital Microscope : A Tool for Teaching Laboratory Skills in Distance Learning Courses PDF
Eleanor J Dommett, Katherine S Leys A9-A12
Experiencing Visuo-Motor Plasticity by Prism Adaptation in a Classroom Setting PDF
Andrea Li A13-A18
Virtual EEG : A Software-Based Electroencephalogram Designed for Undergraduate Neuroscience-Related Courses PDF
Benjamin R Miller, Melissa Troyer, Thomas Busey A19-A25
ARTICLE A Laboratory Exercise for a College-Level , Introductory Neuroscience Course Demonstrating Effects of Housing Environment on Anxiety and Psychostimulant Sensitivity PDF
Laurel M Pritchard, Tracey A Van Kempen, Heather Williams, Betty Zimmerberg 26-32
Constructing Inexpensive , Flexible , and Versatile Microdialysis Probes in an Undergraduate Microdialysis Research Lab PDF
Sally Steffes, Michael Sandstrom 33-47

ISSN: 1544-2896