Vol 6, No 1 (2007)

Table of Contents


DataView : A Tutorial Tool for Data Analysis . Template-based Spike Sorting and Frequency Analysis . PDF
William J Heitler A1-A7
Mentorship : The Bond that Brings Us Together PDF
Gary L Dunbar A1
Darcy Kelley : Pioneering the Frontiers of Science Education PDF
By Julie Ruble 2-6
Novel in silico Method for Teaching Cytoarchitecture , Cellular Diversity , and Gene Expression in the Mammalian Brain PDF
Raddy L Ramos, Phoebe T Smith, Joshua C Brumberg 8-13
NorthEast Under / graduate Research Organization for Neuroscience ( NEURON ): Our Third New York City Meeting PDF
Sharon Ramos Goyette, Kassandra L Edinger, Vicki Luine, Jason Young, A Cheryl A14-A20
Construction of a Simple Suction Electrode for Extracellular Recording and Stimulation PDF
Bruce R Johnson, Stephen A Hauptman, Robert H Bonow A21-A26
Dual Format Course Design : Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology for Adult Learners PDF
Rebecca I Estes A27-A33


An Introduction to Nervous Systems PDF
Ralph H Greenspan, Bruce R Johnson R1-R2

ISSN: 1544-2896