Vol 5, No 2 (2007)

Table of Contents


JUNE as the Voice for Undergraduate Neuroscience Education PDF
Gary L Dunbar E6
Neuroscience and the Liberal Arts PDF
Julio J Ramirez, Mortimer Adler E7-E7
Work through SfN - but Keep Higher Education and K-12 Separate PDF
Richard F Olivo E14


Evolution and the Neuroscience Curriculum : A Call to Action PDF
William J Pizzi 8-11
The Society for Neuroscience and the Undergraduate PDF
Ann E Stuart 12-13
Utility and Versatility of Extracellar Recordings from the Cockroach for Neurophysiological Instruction and Demonstration PDF
Raddy L Ramos, Andrew Moiseff, Joshua C Brumberg 28-34
Use of the Pyrithiamine-Induced Thiamine Deficient Animal Model of Korskoff s Syndrome for Exploratory Research Activities in Undergraduate Physiological Psychology PDF
Robert W Flint, Jonathan E Hill, Leslie A Sandusky, Christina L Marino A35-A41
ARTICLE IFEL TOUR : A Description of the Introduction to FUN Electrophysiology Labs Workshop at Bowdoin College , July 27-30 , and the Resultant Faculty Learning Community PDF
Kristina Mead, James Dearworth, William Grisham, Greta Ann Herin, Hugh Jarrard, Ann Paul, Robert Waldeck, Jennifer Yates, Jared Young, Steve Hauptman, Bowdoin College, Carol Ann Paul A42-A48
An Undergraduate Neuroscience Seminar Based on the Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience PDF
David J Bucci, William A Falls A49-A52
The Use of Case Studies in Teaching Undergraduate Neuroscience PDF
William M Meil A53-A62
Teaching About the Brain and Reaching the Community : Undergraduates in the Pipeline Neuroscience Program at the University of Pennsylvania PDF
Brian L Edlow, Karen Hamilton, Roy H Hamilton A63-A70
Methods for Handling Missing Data in the Behavioral Neurosciences : Don t Throw the Baby Rat out with the Bath Water PDF
Leah H Rubin, Katie Witkiewitz, Justin St Andre, Steve Reilly 71-77


Shaken : Journey into the Mind of a Parkinson s Patient PDF
Deborah J Fryer, Kristina S Mead R15-R16

ISSN: 1544-2896