Vol 1, No 1 (2002)

Table of Contents


Introducing The Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience ( JUNE ) PDF
Barbara Lom E1


The Emergence of Non-Match-to-Sample Behavior in the Developing Rat Pup PDF
Alan G Gittis A1-A3
And the Winner Is : Inviting Hollywood into the Neuroscience Classroom PDF
Eric P Wiertelak 4-17
Designing an Effective , Affordable Laboratory Course in Neurophysiology Crawdad : A CD-ROM Lab Manual for Neurophysiology PDF
Robert A Wyttenbach, Bruce R Johnson, Ronald R Hoy 5-6
Exploring Neurogenesis in Crustaceans PDF
Carol Ann Paul, Erin M Goergen, Barbara S Beltz 18-22
Action Potentials in a Giant Algal Cell : A Comparative Approach to Mechanisms and Evolution of Excitability PDF
Bruce R Johnson, Robert A Wyttenbach, Randy Wayne, Ronald R Hoy A23-A27


BOOK REVIEW Mood Genes : Hunting for the Origins of Mania and Depression PDF
Samuel H Barondes, Karen K Bernd R1-R2
Biological Psychology PDF
S.B. Klein, Laurence J Nolan R3-R4
The Secret Life of the Brain during the second year of childhood is demonstrated by PDF
David Grubin Productions, Thirteen Wnet, New York R7-R8

ISSN: 1544-2896