Teaching Laboratory Neuroscience at Bowdoin : The Laboratory Instructor Perspective

Stephen Hauptman, Nancy Curtis


Bowdoin College is a small liberal arts college that offers a comprehensive Neuroscience major. experience is an integral part of the major, and many students progress through three stages. The laboratory A core course offers a survey of concepts and techniques. Four upper- level courses function to give students more intensive laboratory research experience in neurophysiology, molecular neurobiology, social behavior, and learning and memory. Finally, many majors choose to work in the individual research labs of the Neuroscience faculty. We, as laboratory instructors, are vital to the process, and are actively involved in all aspects of the lab-based courses. We provide student instruction in state of the art techniques in neuroscience research. By sharing laboratory teaching responsibilities with course professors, we help to prepare students for careers in laboratory neuroscience and also support and facilitate faculty research programs.

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