Allegheny College Hosts Neuroscience and Humanities Summer Institute

Emily M Macel


The Neuroscience and Humanities Summer Institute, hosted by Allegheny College, opened doors of opportunity, perception, and creativity for faculty and students across the nation. Offered first in 2002, and a second time in June of 2004, this weeklong event was designed to provide a medium for fostering development of interdisciplinary courses linking neuroscience and the humanities (e.g., the fine arts, philosophy and language). During the Institute, participants attended presentations by Allegheny faculty introducing the six courses of this type that they have developed starting in 2000, lectures by guest speakers, workshops, and discussion modules. Participants were encouraged to gather neuroscience and humanities courses and formulate specific plans to take back to their schools. ideas about Alleghenys These opportunities and experiences resulted in the formation of valuable connections and the development of ideas around the links between neuroscience and humanities.

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